Published: 19/02/2024

Discover the important role of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in fortifying cybersecurity defences against rising threats. Delving into various MFA methods, including robust solutions like HID DigitalPersona, this blog highlights how combining authentication factors from different categories enhances resilience against unauthorised access, making it essential for organisations aiming to safeguard sensitive data and systems from malicious actors.

Published: 21/12/2023

Explore how PIAM can improve your organisation's security posture, operational effectiveness, and cost savings. In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, modern enterprises are seeking more advanced solutions to bolster their security measures. Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) has emerged as a cutting-edge technology with the potential to transform security and operational efficiency.

Published: 18/12/2023

Explore how HID Crescendo Authenticators emerge as a transformative solution, seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructures to provide a unified and secure identity solution for the dynamic digital landscape and physical access control systems. Join us in navigating the specifications, certifications, and compatibility features that make HID Crescendo your gateway to a safer, more secure future.

Published: 07/12/2023

Explore how Digital Visitor Management Systems (DVMS) are at the forefront of this technological evolution and have become essential tools in many different sectors. Organisations today must adopt creative solutions that not only simplify processes but also protect their premises from possible threats in order to remain competitive in the safety and security landscape. 

Published: 30/08/2023

Explore how HID DigitalPersona enhances cybersecurity through its seamless integration with the Essential Eight framework, developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). From Application Control to Multi-factor authentication the Essential Eight serves as a frontline defence with HID DigitalPersona's advanced technology to assist in simplifying key security measures. Protect your organisation's digital assets with this powerful combination of cybersecurity best practices and innovative solutions.

Published: 10/07/2023

Discover the key differences between direct-to-card and retransfer ID card printers to make an informed choice for your organisation. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, including print quality, card durability, cost, and speed. Find the best solution for your specific printing needs, whether it's the budget-friendly SMART-51S/D or the high-volume Fargo HDP6600.

Published: 10/07/2023

Explore the essential factors to consider when choosing an ID card printer. From printing technology to card volume, size, connectivity, encoding options, security features, and cost, each aspect plays a crucial role in finding the perfect printer for your needs. Discover options ranging from budget-friendly solutions to high-end choices, ensuring you make an informed decision that delivers high-quality, durable cards.