Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor management can be as simple as logging a visitor at the front desk, or it might require far more complexity.

No matter the need, we have a solution that meets the most exact requirements.

Let’s find a solution that works for your organisation

Modern companies need a Visitor Management System (VMS) that is in line with their compliance, security and safety requirements. A VMS gives you control over your workplace, providing a safer environment for your staff, with full visibility of who is on and off site.

Let’s find a solution that works for you


A cloud-based VMS to keep employees, visitors, and contractors safe and secure with touchless sign in, contact tracing, wellness checks, and more when working on and off-site.

HID® EasyLobby®

By accurately capturing detailed visitor information in seconds, HID® EasyLobby® software allows organisations of any size or industry to confidently manage who can enter a facility, when, and for what purpose.

HID® WorkforceID

Digitally transforms the management of both cyber and physical access identities and credentials for the workplace — big or small.