Strengthen Workplace Access with 360° Identity Integration

Simplify and automate the physical identity and access management lifecycle of your workforce and visitors with HID® SAFE Enterprise.


Let’s discuss how our solution can work for your organisation.

One Centralised Platform

HID® SAFE Enterprise is a software solution that enables organisations to manage physical identities and their access across disparate physical access systems (PACS).

  • Advances the security functions of identity management
  • Transforms the communities of stakeholders involved by breaking down silos in organisations
  • Enables collaboration across departments and teams

Features & Benefits

Onboarding and badging
Allows users to design, create and print employee, contractor and visitor badges and request new or temporary badges when needed.

Access management
Streamlines the central management of the physical access lifecycle for an organisation’s employees, contractors and tenant identities.

Visitor management
Securely and quickly manages the entire visitor lifecycle — from easy pre-registration to welcoming visitor invitations through rapid check-in and check-out.

Assembles comprehensive reports combining ID statuses, activity monitoring, diagnostics and compliance.

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Access management beyond employee access, including visitors, contractors, vendors and tenants.

Designed to allow different levels of access across departments, multiple locations, mergers, and acquisitions.

No more manual entering, it’s all about automation.

HID® SAFE Facility Analytics

Build your own dashboard

Monitor physical activity on location

Monitor access control in one platform

What else can HID® SAFE Enterprise do for your organisation?

Reduce the Costs

through automation of employee-based physical identity access management processes. locations, mergers, and acquisitions.

Minimise Risks

associated with manual enforcement of policies related to access provisioning and de-provisioning.

Give You Complete Control

by centrally managing your employees and their physical access across disparate PACS locations, mergers, and acquisitions.

Minimise Delays

in on-boarding and off-boarding identities and their physical access in PACS.