Enhance Your Network to
Defend Against Cyber Threats

Imagine a frictionless user experience that blends convenience and protection with layered 360° protection of networks, systems, applications and data.

Our product HID DigitalPersona could be the answer.

Go beyond traditional two-factor and multi-factor authentication

HID DigitalPersona® solution offers forward-thinking IT executives the ability to deploy the optimal set of authentication protocols to provide users with a fast and secure Windows® Logon as well as VPN access, web, mobile and cloud applications.

The strongest protection available in the industry

HID DigitalPersona® transforms authentication and provides entirely new levels of protection ensuring the digital identity of employees, customers and partners, as well as protecting access to networks, applications and data.

Digital Persona Composite AuthenticationDigital Persona Composite Authentication

Composite Authentication

HID DigitalPersona® offers a human-proofed solution that delivers the right level of security through the broadest possible selection of authentication.

The Right Mix of Factors, Moment By Moment

Who You Know

Password PIN

Recovery Questions

What You Have



Contactless Cards

Proximity Cards

Bluetooth Device

One-Time Password

Apple Watch


Who You Are

Fingerprint Face Recognition

What You Do

Keystroke Biometric

Where You Are

IP Address IWA - Integrated Windows Authentication

When You Act

Time Frame

HID DigitalPersona® offers the most complete way to optimise security for every app, every user, and every time.

Closes Every Gap

Beyond two-factor authentication, DigitalPersona® offers authentication for the contextual risk factors of time, velocity, location and behaviour.


The range of authentication options means there is no compromise and you’re never forced down a predetermined path. This allows organisations to balance usability and protection based on specific security goals.

Rapid Adaptability

Allows you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure and deploy quicker than any other solutions in the market today.

Complete Coverage

Supports all your applications, including web, cloud, Windows®, mobile, VDI and VPN.